Shotokan Karate Budokai - Australia
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Free Lessons

You will be given 2 free introductory lessons by a qualified Shotokan Karate Instructor.

At the beginning of your first lesson you will be introduced to one of our Instructors and given a tour of our studio.

This 30 minute lesson will include an overview of the basic martial arts philosophy and etiquette. We will teach you some basic stretching exercises that will be used during your regular class, and some basic self defence techniques that can be used immediately.

In your second lesson you will be given the opportunity to experience the class with beginners just like you that are in your age group and, become more familiar and comfortable with your instructor.

Throughout the introductory program we evaluate all of our potential students on attitude, desire, confidence, reaction, balance, co-ordination, flexibility and goals.

At the conclusion of your two free lessons you will be given an enrolment conference with our program director who will recommend a membership option based upon your evaluation and your budget.

Our introductory programs are on Mondays and Wednesdays 5.00pm for juniors and 7.00pm for seniors. To enrol for the 2 free introductory lessons, please contact Sensei Trevor Roberts on


    Calling from Australia: (07) 3389 1807 Or 0409 267 747
    Calling from outside of Australia: +61 7 3389 1807 Or +61 409 267 747